Companies located in: Corçà Rissec South

  • El Trull Alenyà

    c/ del Rissec, 4 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at eltrullalenya dot com

    El Trull Alenyà and its bicentenary history in the production of extra virgin olive oil open their doors to the curius who are willing to find out about the traditional pressing of the olives. Both techniques, the millstone adn cold pressing are used to obtain high-quality olive oil from several local varieties (i.e. argudell and arbequina).

  • Argiles Bisbal

    Av. Puntui s/n - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at argilesbisbal dot com

    Producers and distributors of quality ceramic pastes with their own terroir land, aimed at the world of artistic, educational, industrial and traditional ceramics. The success of Argiles Bisbal is based on a constant respect for customers and the innovation of the company, which allows them to manufacture more than 20 types of pastas. Manufacture of low temperature pastes, sham refractories and self-adhesive pastes for molding. Also distribution of other beds and porcelains.

  • Ceràmica Artesanal LB

    Av. Costa Brava, 52 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    ceramicalb at hotmail dot com

    It is a design company which produces pottery for daily use and decoration, with a fully handicraft production process, from the creation of every piece to its decoration, this allows them to create unique pieces for every client's needs. Their products are distinguished by simple but elegant lines with pastel or bright shad

  • Rajoleria Llensa

    Av. Costa Brava, 50 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at llensa dot biz

    Rajolería Llensa, a company with a long history dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of clay tiles, hydraulic tiles, glazed tiles, recovery material, brick and stone.

  • Habita & Decora

    Av. Costa Brava, 48 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at habitadecora dot com

    Interior and exterior style decoration: Nordic, Provencal, Shabby Chic, Industrial Loft and Empordà rustic only from leading international brands.

  • Estació Servei Corçà

    Crta. C-66 km 12,977 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at escorsa dot cat

    Estació Servei Corçà is a family business dedicated to the sale of fuel.

  • Transport Ribas Ribot

    Carretera Girona-Palamós, Km 22 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    ribasribot at hotmail dot com

    Fuel transportation.

  • Tirogaverd

    Ctra. de Girona a Palamós, C-66 Km.12 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at tirogaverd dot com

    Bio, natural grass and plant protection solutions. Tirogaverd is one of the pioneer companies in the production of lawns in our country.

  • Argiles Colades

    Av. Puntui, 33 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at argilescolades dot com

    Since its inception in 1967, the Trayter family has always had a commitment to offer a quality product and the right service that customers demand. This commitment and human effort, nowadays, is an inherent part of its quality policy and has been a key element in the planning of business strategies of the company. The products manufactured and distributed by Argiles Coladas are: clays of our deposits, ceramic pastes of low and high temperature and raw materials for the ceramic sector and the construction.

  • Cooperativa Agrícola del Baix Empordà

    Veinat Rissec, s/n - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    agribaixemporda at gmail dot com

    Specialists in animal feed.

  • Bisbal Ceram

    Carretera C-66 (Girona-Palamos), km 12,5 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    bisbalceram at gmail dot com

    Specialists in supply of materials for ceramics, technical advice and permanent exhibition room of contemporary ceramics of varied artists. Bisbal Ceram, the ceramicist's tool is a store of raw materials, own production clays, tools, books, machinery, etc ... all for artistic ceramics, potters, industrial and creative.

  • Antic Major

    Crta. Girona-Palamós Km 12,4 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    llobet at grn dot es

    Exhibition of different antique dealers, wooden parquet floors, instruments, furniture, architectural elements.

  • Culdesac Empordà

    Ctra. C-66 Km 12,5 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at culdesacemporda dot com

    Reference Concept Store where you can find the coolest mix in antiques, furniture, decorative elements, art. 1,000 m² open to surprise and imagination. Culdesac Concept Store brings together a rigorous selection of antiques, deco, design, vintage and retro. The team awaits you in an old factory converted into a loft, open to surprise and innovation. In a very particular atmosphere, Culdesac exhibits a selection of furniture and objects from the collaboration of the best antique dealers and designers of Ampurdán.

  • Última Parada

    Ctra. C-66, Km 12 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    salva at ultima-parada dot com

    Multidisciplinary space with a shop specializing in industrial decoration and custom-made vintage furniture. A restaurant with traditional organic food and a fantastic recently renovated garden.

  • Ceràmica Ferrés

    Ctra. C-66, Km 12 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at ceramicaferres dot com

    Making ceramic tiles and special pieces since 1956, this allows them to answer every possible decorative need. Expert hands create a wide range of unique pieces of glazed ceramics and stoneware to contribute solutions to architecture and interior design.

  • Restaurant La Vil-la de Corçà

    Av. Costa Brava, 33 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    lavilladecorsa at gmail dot com

    Restaurant La Vil·la in Corçà is in a reformed farmhouse, full of romantic, charming spaces with a touch of modernity. It has different spaces that are ideal for all kinds of occasions and celebrations. At Restaurant La Vil·la, David and Laura serve seasonal cuisine, maintaining the maximum taste, prepared using products from the land.

  • Dinoutres

    Av. Costa Brava, 35 Ctra. C-66, km 12,8 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at dinoutres dot com

    We are a service company that is linked to the TOYOTA MARTERIAL HANDLING ESPAÑA corporation, as official distributors for the province of Girona since 1993. With more than 30 years of experience, we are a leading company in the maintenance market in the counties of Girona. We represent the first brands, TOYOTA and BT for all types of maintenance machinery and Fiorentini for industrial cleaning. Made up of experts with the commercial capacity, technical service, spare parts and administration, always ready to know your needs.

  • Àngel Mir

    Pol. Ind. Rissec s/n - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    web at angelmir dot com

    Àngel Mir - Portes Bisbal SL manufacture and assembly of industrial and residential doors and logistics equipment.

  • Bugaderia l'Empordà

    Av. Puntui 13 - Pol. Corçà Rissec 17121 Corçà (Girona)

    info at bugaderiaemporda dot com

    Laundry services and linen rental for the high-end hospitality industry, with the use of state-of-the-art machines and a carefully chosen selection of textile suppliers.