New times, new opportunities

Today’s business outlook reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of the new companies that have set up in the Empordà. Innovative ideas, projects with a bright future that inspire confidence as regards investment in the short, medium and long term, and the presence of new ventures in the Empordà area.

The same spirit of innovation is found in traditional industries such as ceramics, both in the production process and the final product, and above all in the expansion of the sector pertaining to automatic doors and related products.

An additional point of interest is the Nexes business incubator in Forallac, which supports and facilitates entrepreneurs in developing their projects.

Throughout history, the innate entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of the Empordà people have enabled them to build up industries based on local resources, for example in the cork and ceramics sectors. The same spirit is still alive today, present in a wide range of different forms.